Window Coverings

Your Windows – We’ve Got You Covered!

As you develop your overall decorating scheme, consider the following.

Space determines what you have to work with in each room. To visually expand, keep the color contrast between the wall and the window low. To make a room feel cozier, create a high contrast. Natural light and light diffusion through window coverings create dramatic visual effects in a space.

Lines impact the overall feel of a room. Vertical lines add height and dignity. Horizontal lines suggest relaxation and informality. Round windows, fabric folds and soft objects lessen the harshness of a room’s lines.

Form then becomes the shape or combinations of shapes of the elements in a room. If you have square windows, window treatments can lengthen them and give them a taller more rectangular look.

Color determines the moood of the room. It intensifies as you increase the area of coverage. As a guide, allow your main color to occuply 75 percent of a room (including floor and wall space), with 15 to 20 percent for your secondary color and 10 percent for an accent color.

Texture adds interest to a room. Window treatments in metal, wood, and a vast palette of fabric colors, patterns and finishes offer many textural options to explore. Dramatic contrasts are in.

What ever the design we are willing and able to make your dream a reality.